I’m pretty much a five year old that’s been forced to grow up. I love chocolate and climbing trees. I started this blog when I lived in Tulle, France teaching English. Now it’s about whatever I’m thinking of when I have the time to write something other than research papers for grad school! Sometimes I try to be artistic, sometimes personal, but whatever it is, I usually end up on some tangent of my crazy thoughts!


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  1. Posted by Lily on June 28, 2013 at 1:19 am

    Hello! I am writing because I just got accepted to be an Assistant de langue in Tulle, France (Ecole elementaire La Grande Borie) and I stumbled across your blog. I am slightly panicking because it seems like I’m the only one being sent to Tulle. Do you have any advice? I know, probably a crazy question since you’ve been there so long. And also, do you live in Tulle? Would you suggest commuting from Limoges? Thanks so much for any help.


    • Hi Lily,

      I guess I need to update my about section! I was in Tulle for the 2011-2012 school year, so I haven’t been living there for awhile not!

      I didn’t know that was one of the schools there, which is weird because I thought there was only 1 school I wasn’t teaching at. Don’t worry, there should be a middle and high school English assistant, as well as a Spanish and German one. And you’ll be taken care of by your contact person. I lived at the Foyer des Jeunes Travilleurs in Tulle. I would not suggest commuting from Limoges. It’s 2 hours by train and an hour and a half by bus/car. It is a good weekend destination, though.

      Tulle is such a small city that you’ll get to know it really fast. So even though it’s a new place, it’s not really scary because centre ville is easy to find and so small. The best advice I really have is to make friends with the other assistants, and if you like traveling, there are cool places in the area to visit!


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