Water makes up roughly 75% of our world and our bodies. It’s a parallel, cited by some as coincidence, but is probably more so by design, whether that means nature or a divine power. (In my opinion it’s both.) Even in the desert there’s a water table somewhere under all the sand. Scientists theorize there can be no life without water, at least going off of all known rules of existence.

Water seems to surround me more than other people. My parents met working at the water company. So, I owe my existence to water more than other people. The whole city of Louisville gets better water because of their projects. The Eastern part of the city actually gets its water from a well. My mom’s project to construct a tunnels from wells to the water plant won the Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award in 2011. I’m not exactly sure what that means, except that it won against the Cowboys Stadium and a bridge in Korea. My brilliant mother accepted the award barefoot because she could only find one shoe. Sounds an awful lot like someone else in the family…

When we read Exodus in bible study in high school, I pointed out that the Egyptians used  Riverbank Filtration to get their water when the Nile River was blood.I soaked up a lot of terms just by being around my mother. Just like on the beach of the ocean, if you dig by a river, you’ll hit water. The sand filters out a ton of the gross impurities in the water, hence the name Riverbank Filtration.


Yuck. I’d rather get water from a riverside well too. Source

The rest of the city uses a salt water purifier to clean the water. Somewhere along the line, they decided it would be safer to ship salt than chlorine gas across the country. Whoever was originally contracted to make the giant salt water purifier didn’t do a good job, so then they hired my dad to fix it.


When I was 5, I got a stomach bug. I couldn’t keep anything down, so I got dehydrated. Rachel was a week old, if that, so the nurses were nice and came over to our house to give me an IV. They couldn’t get any blood from pricking my finger. Looking back on it, the single most terrifying moment of my childhood was probably these strange ladies trying to get blood out of my toes and then throwing me on the kitchen table. I’m pretty sure I was fighting them; I knew I was screaming for my mom.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure this affected my relationship with water. I always make sure to drink plenty, especially when I’m sick.



My first “real” job was at a pool supply store. Ironically, my first summer there I almost passed out from a combination of things, but one of which was probably some sort of dehydration. It was the last time I ever took a soft drink with me to work. Ryann and Rachel have both worked at our neighborhood pool, and Robert’s done landscaping and agriculture, which requires water. So, I grew up around water-y people.



I’ve also never lived in a city without a river through the middle of it. One of my friends pointed out that there are very few older cities without a river, which probably has something to do with it.

urlLouisville is on the Ohio River.  Source

Hey, I had a postcard that looked just like this!


Rennes, France is at the junction of the Ille and Vilaine rivers


And we visited some awesome places on the ocean. This is one of my pictures from St. Malo.




These are from the Côte Sauvage, where there were really big waves.


One of my friends took this picture and found out I was in it later!

Click on it to make it bigger and find me!


291908_10150501917031124_290285232_nAnd, of course, Tulle.

I’m a woodsy-earthy type person. I think part of what’s driving me crazy right now is that I have no oasis. I thought it was bad last year; my apartment in Tulle was the first place I couldn’t just go outside and plop in some nice, lovely grass. But right now, even though I have grass, it’s surrounded by cars and noise and city and neighbors. So like normal people, except I grew up being able to disappear. Even at Bellarmine and last year I could escape easily to some woods.

Water is a part of the Earth, and I live in a fairly wet area. So, wherever you find Earth, you’re probably going to find water. The only thing that cheers me up more than green or water is both of them together, which is easy to find in Kentucky woods. Different lifestyles work for different people, but I know I’d be happiest someplace where I can see green and water.

296053_10150501922686124_1331606764_nLaguenne, France


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  1. I so love that your mom accepted that engineering award barefoot.. that is totally something you would do too! ❤ And it's very cute! It's also interesting to think about all these connections intersecting like rivers! It was lovely reading your thoughts on water and how it relates to your life 🙂 Good post!


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