The OFII- the office of immigration and integration- sent me a letter saying yes, they did receive the document with my address. Apparently, they have yet to receive copies of all my passport pages dealing with my identity and entrance into the country. Funny, as a copy of my ID pages, my visa, and the stamp customs gave me on my way in were all in the same envelope.

The Foyer du jeunes travailleurs, where I live, told me I would only have to pay 190euros until CAF (government aid) came in. Well, I got my bill for October, and guess how much they say I owe them? The full amount, which, by the way, is over half the salary advance. So going to go talk to them in a bit. (These are the same people that told me I could pay my deposit by bank card, so I waited until my card was in, which just so happened to be the day the money was due, ran to the bank, ran back to them only to find out- they don’t take cards! Joy. Oh, and I had a nightmare that started with the guy in charge trying to sexually harass me. That was fun.)

And apparently I missed that the MGEN (social security) people wanted my birth certificate. I vaguely remember something like that being said… (and I still owe them the 107.68 euros for mutuelle (full coverage health insurance) because my mom says I should. At least I have a social security number now!

I got all this in a flurry of five letters today… Funny how I was excited to get mail.

I know none of this is a big deal and can be fixed with phone calls and talking to people (I hope). If not, well there’s always talking to Marie-Christine Renson (my contact person who is in charge of all language teaching in the departement (like a county) of Corrèze. It’s just frustrating.

Also, I may have to get a second job, especially if I have to pay the full amount for October.


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